Pokemon Idol and More Pokemon!

Pokemon Idol and More

Top 10 best/funniest Pokemon pictures

10. Funniest.

Drew and May are talking through a “Cup-and-string” phone, but Harley doesn’t like that! He whistles by and cuts the string.



Really, the only funny part is Drew’s face. Seriousy, look at it! He’s in his regular “cool attitude” and May comes up and randomly says “KISS ME?” Right now he’s thinking “What the heck! That was random!”



It’s just the fact that Gary seems to be finished with the conversation…


7. Funny

If you look closely, Tracey is mopping the floor!



it explains itself!


5. Funny

AAHH! says ash


4. Funny

Ash has fangs! LOL, perhaps one of his “super-Ash” moments!


3. FUnny

I guess they ate some bad…uh…whatever!



He’s burnt!


#1!!!! FUNNY!

Notice, Brock has his “Funny look” on from ep. 2 and Misty is taping the whole thing! Here’s the story.


Misty: I’ll give you guys 50 bucks if you dress up as waitresses!


Gary: OK!

Paul: Pathetic, but… 50 BUCKS!!!


so they do it.

Ash: 50 bucks, here I come!

Gary: Yeah, uh, I am NEVER getting another date!

Paul: ….

Brock: Hello ladies-ASH?!?!?


First Video Episode!

The first video episode is now online! It is located to the right, and is called “pokemonidolep1” click on it and then click “download” (I don’t have a YouTube account) you can watch, but no voting! This is a “non-voting” show right now, but next season is going to be a voting season!

About Pokemon Idol

Pokemon Idol is, well, American Idol, but with the characters of Pokemon. There will soon be video episodes, where the written episodes will come to life. It is season 2. Season 1 was not recorded, but the winner was Misty.

My brother and I started Pokemon Idol in the summer of 2007. In that brief time before we went to sleep, when our eyes were closed, yet not asleep, we imagined a competition between Pokemon characters-Pokemon Idol. ( I may sound mature, but I’m not. Just trying to make it sound official! )

Misty’s winning song was “Pumpin Up the Party” by Hannah Montana. SHe is now the judge. Our hostess is named Sizzle Frost. Our contestants?

  1. May! After making it to last season’s finals, she is back and ready to win!
  2. Drew. He is May’s best friend and is determined to win.
  3. Tracey. He is the “Pokemon Watcher” from season 2. Tracey can also play guitar ( in Pokemon Idol! )
  4. Ash! No more to say, he is a “Rockish” type and sings theme songs ( emphasis on the ISH )
  5. Dawn! She didn’t make it far last season, but she might go all the way this time!

Keep visiting, because new episodes will appear in the “Written Episodes” page and even on the sidebar!

-admin 🙂

(yeah, I’m the same admid from Luv2Luv stuff times)

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